about me


I enjoy:

Jesus of Nazareth; arcane poetry; Wendell Berry; natural wonders; theological reflection; Boulder, CO; farmer’s markets; beekeeping; travel; photography; handmade cards; Jojo’s coffee (and breakfast sandwiches); the Prophets; Austin, TX; Charlottesville, VA; Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner; anything else by Wallace Stegner; Berkeley, CA (even after the fifteen minutes I spent there…); the L’Abri Fellowship; the New York Times; cycling; incense; NPR; rural Vermont; “homoousios with the Father”; bluegrass and folk music; New Orleans, LA; divine inspiration of Scripture; concerts in tiny venues (por ejemplo, The Bell House or Music Hall in Brookyn); handmade coffee mugs; BBC’s Planet Earth; Missoula, MT; independent bookshops; road trips; winter hiking; the color blue; alpacas; plain yogurt; coffee ice cream; agrarianism; Ethan’s beard; Chaco Canyon, NM; aerial views of mountains; Edinburgh, Scotland; and oh, so much more.

I live in southeast Portland, Oregon.

If you want to berate me or say anything more directly than the blogosphere allows you, feel free to email me. You may also wish to see the world through my lens over at SmugMug. Follow my musical likes at hypem.com/saclyburn.