feist vs. transformers 3

This is about as funny as Pitchfork albums reviews get:

The headline of one of the best Hollywood gossip stories you’re likely to encounter this year reads, “Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay Got in a Really Big Fight Over Feist.” To prepare for an emotional scene in Transformers 3, LaBeouf plugged his iPad into a pair of on-set speakers and was vibing to The Reminder ballad “Brandy Alexander” when Bay abruptly shut the song off. Things got heated, “spit [was] flying,” and Bay stormed off set. Whatever this incident tells us about Michael Bay (like maybe he’s just really impassioned in his opinion that Let It Die was a better record), it tells us even more about where we’re currently at, culturally speaking, with Feist. Even among Hollywood titans, she’s divisive. She has probably, over the past couple of years, helped an infinite number of jocks and action stars get in touch with their latent emotions (“It’s a little feminine,” LaBeouf told the Los Angeles Times of “Brandy Alexander”, “but it touches me”). But most importantly, the low croon of her honeyed, creaky-door voice has become pop culture shorthand for “the diametrical opposite of what robots blowing shit up sounds like.”


One response to “feist vs. transformers 3

  1. Note also the bit about “anti-pioneering.” Well-said, Leslie. Perhaps it is time to settle down..

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