tuesday schedule

1. Swiss muesli with kefir

2. (eat #1)

3. Turkish coffee with cardamom

4. Listen to NMH and Avett

5. (get pumped for Bible lecture tonight by doing #4)

6. PLAN Bible lecture (whoops!)

7. Office hours, 4-6pm in Buckley 443

8. Figure out where the f I’m moving

9. (search Craigslist fanatically to perform #8)

10. Give Bible lecture

11. (creation, fables of the patriarchs, etc.; you know, Genesis 1-29, 37-50)

12. Sleep

Adios, kiddos.


One response to “tuesday schedule

  1. lets trade lives.
    here is what you are looking at for the weekday.

    1.wake up to my cat scratching my face
    2. realize i slept through my alarm
    3. frantically get dressed (forget the shower) and run out the door
    4. damn, i didnt get breakfast
    5. sign in at _____ school
    6. head to the room where i will be pummeled by middle school heathens *whom i love
    7. get cursed at several times
    8. have a great conversation with some ms students about choices
    9. break up a fight or two
    10. grab someone elses lunch at my office and not leave a note 🙂
    11. paperwork, small or big talk with co’s
    12. realize its 6 pm and head home
    13. vaccum
    14. eat dinner
    15. cuddle with my dogs
    16. read blogs or news (suppose to be writing paper for internship, time)
    17. read OT while i fall asleep at 9pm. no joke.

    did you find a place?

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