happy birthday mr t and pac-man

Has anyone Googled today? The geniuses at Google have implanted a streaming Pac-Man game on their front page. It only has one level, but–for someone who doesn’t find himself playing Pac-Man all that often (I’m not a “gamer”)–it’s endless fun and helps you forget what you intended to search this monstrous interweb for!

Well, g’day folks. After:

  • 1 international flight
  • 2 domestic flights
  • 3 full-length movies
  • 4 phone messages from Andrew Litschi (even before I got my new US mobile)
  • 5 beard compliments (mostly from airport security personnel; my favorite: “Dude, you look like a terrorist–awesome!”)
  • 6 manuka honey ice creams (courtesy of Air NZ; I’m counting the ones I conned the stewardess into giving me and the chick next to me AFTER our meals were finished)
  • 7 days at my parents’ house in College Station


  • 8 incredible–and incredibly cheap–breakfast tacos (thank you La Jalisco #2, Houston, TX!)

I’m finally ready to hit the trail to my new life in Oregon. I leave tomorrow morning, as close to 4am as I can muster.

Safe travels, folks…


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