… is a wonderful source of empowerment.

This is chiefly why I am not at home in the Democratic Party. There are people (no offense, Jen, but lots of them are social workers) who think that the more other people can do for them, the more “free” and “at leisure” they will be. This is the biggest political myth out there. The only liberating policy with respect to work is to do it yourself.

I’ve touted this philosophy for some time now–but for the past few weeks, I’ve been able to implement it in an albeit small but significant way.

I’ve been living in Bannockburn, Central Otago. A place known for its stonefruit (cherries, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots, etc.) and its Pinot Noir grapes. I was stationed at the Cairnmuir Campground, where I lived in a tent

and worked at the local bottling plant five days a week. This was a rich time for me because it represented the first chance at independent living I have had since coming to NZ. Previous to this period, I had either been living with families and partaking of their cooking and such, or living out of my car and preparing only what I could with a small camp stove and a few rudimentary utensils.


Here’s a catalogue of what I made from largely found and borrowed ingredients: scones; muffins; savory bread; flatbread; tortillas; falafel; coffee ice cream; jams and jellies; granola; and much, much more.


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  1. if you have access to Hulu streaming, you really must watch Zach Galifianakis host Saturday Night Live. Is it weird that I think he’s a plumper version of you?

  2. its cool. social work is not a real profession anyway.

  3. Hey, Scott, I hope you have/had a WONDERFUL birthday. We were hoping to talk to you today! We love you and know that we were blessed the day you entered our lives! Much love, MOM and DAD Oh, Yes, THIS is interesting!

    • I did have a nice birthday, Mom. Thanks.

      This post was actually supposed to be longer (and, as usual, have a profound correlary at the end), but I got kicked off the internet and now my laptop is not working. So I can’t post anymore photos, unfortunately. But you’ll be happy to know that I brought some pumpkin seed, raisin and cumin rolls to work for the last day and got wonderful comments, not least of which was, “Someone raised you right!”

      So, good job, Mom and Dad!

  4. You realize that you were living off of people. You realize, too, that there were very few social barriers keeping you from living off of people, and that your place in history gives you (and me) a lot of luxuries. Lucky guys, we are.

    Anyway, carry on. Take care. Nice photos.

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