Firstly, a nod to my recently much more appreciated Texan heritage.

I’m currently in Nelson, staying with a friend and spiritual brother I met on Parapara Beach in Golden Bay. Mark is awesome: he’s a doctor at Nelson hospital, plays jazz piano, hang glides, and does Chinese calligraphy. We attended his church yesterday, which consisted of 7 or so elderly couples, singing “How Great Thou Art” and other classic Gospel tunes. Very simple; even more profound.

I’m thinking of sticking around Nelson for a while, despite my commitment to Kawhaka Lodge in the West Coast. I may be raspberry picking until I can find something better–if I find something better–but even that will allow me to explore a bit more around here and continue my friendship with Mark.

New Year’s was interesting: I tented in the front yard of a “bach” (holiday home; short for “bachelor home” because all the early NZ pioneers were bachelors and lived in very simple two-room cottages near the coast) rented out by Mark and some of his doctor friends for a few days. So I did make it to the Mussel Inn, but only a few days later. New Year’s was bonfires and gin and tonics on the beach, with a beautiful yellow harvest moon in the background.

Peace for now, folks.


One response to “nelson

  1. my friends named their dog after this town. they loved it the most of all their NZ travels. you should meet them when you come to h-town. hope you are well.

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