general update.

Hey folks.

We had fresh oysters from the wharf for dinner–Julie deep-fried them in batter after I wrecked my hands collecting and cracking them open. A good meal after a day of cheesemaking classes, which Lisa was gracious enough to let me witness.

Things are going quite well here at Sherrington. I’m accompanying Julie to Nelson on Monday; this is exciting not only because Nelson is supposed to be a beautiful city but also because I may be able to get my laptop fixed there–there’s an authorized Apple specialist. (Let’s pray he’s not keen to overcharge.)

In other news, Lorraine, our neighbor up the hill, obliged my request to shear me the other day. Here is the before and after:

My days here are filled with continually mending the fence where we’ve noticed the unruly teenaged goats escape, bottle-feeding the two (prematurely unruly) baby goats, weeding and watering the greenhouses, and burning the tongues of my hosts with Tex-Mex cooking.


2 responses to “general update.

  1. Hey, I may be a little prejudice, but I liked the before picture. I like long hair, but you are really cute either way. I love you and miss you. MOM

  2. hi friend. love the new do. you already seem to have taken on that culture. at least what i think of them. scruffy, wild, and hardcore

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