road trip, complete

Hi again, folks. Chris and I made it to LA safely, and I’m currently waiting for my plane to New Zealand to begin boarding.

(Can you believe that on a thirteen-hour flight we only get one meal–and it’s an hour and a half into the flight. Breakfast. At midnight, local departure time.)

Anyway. We rounded up the trip with some strangely successful hitchhiking down some of the West Coast’s most beautiful coastline (photos to follow), then a few days in what we expected to be the most hideous (in the bad sense) city we were to visit, Los Angeles. To our surprise, however, LA proved pretty darn sweet–due, of course, to the wealth of wonderful individuals we know in the area.

Shouts out to the McKentys, Jennie Teubner, and Bob and Nichole Rogers, all of whom showed heartfelt consideration and generosity.

I want to post in the next few days on an article a mutual friend sent to Chris while we were traveling. It’s a critique of so-called “agri-intellectuals,” folks like Michael Pollan who aren’t farmers but who have recently kindled a keen interest in the ethical issues surrounding present-day agricultural and its implications for earth, health, and community. The writer is a farmer from Missouri, and the article appeared in an online journal called The American just a few weeks ago. Here’s the link.

I have many thoughts after skimming the article, but want to flesh out more sustained analysis of it before I reveal them. So I thought I would give y’all a head start by posting just the article first. (You can also check out a rebuttal by a blogger for the environmental website here.)

Anyway, my plane’s beginning to board, so I’ve got to run. Peace out until I arrive in NZ…


One response to “road trip, complete

  1. looks like we have a long road ahead of us. and you, as a new farmer, some hard work. the article “The Omnivore’s Delusion” reminded me that there are two sides to the situation. there is so little that we know as non-farmers and someone like me likes to make great assumptions. i guess its not that easy. i look forward to reading the rebuttal.

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