I’m currently charged with divesting my house with lots of used furniture (admittedly, most that I brought myself), and I’m procrastinating by blogging.

Imagine that.

It feels weird to be leaving the greater New Haven area. There are lots of cool things about this place. For instance, my friend Luke the other day reminded me that in New Haven you can find wonderful independent bookstores, coffee shops, live arts theatres, wine shops, libraries, parks, record stores, and tow truck companies (unbelievable!) all within walking distance. How true.

New Haven, I will miss thee.

But I’ve had a scrumtrulescent last few weekends in New England. For starters, I’ve spent lots of quality time with some of the kids I’ve tutored for the past year and their families. This past weekend, I was in Vergennes, VT with the Hydes.

Tommy and Allison.

(See more Hydes.)

Then I received a surprise last-minute invite to go sailing with an old friend of a friend on Lake Champlain.

The sail.

Peter's Top-Siders.

(See more sailing, including my valiant effort to bring the sail down.)


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