two from atlantic monthly


The Atlantic is a gem of intellectual journalism. Two recent pieces caught my eye: one on the economy’s redistribution of geography and the other on God and globalization

I could think of all manner of agrarian responses to the former (are we really going to let “creative industries” produce out food for us?). But when I read it the other day, I thought “Wait. Just listen. Imagine the world the way this guy sees it. Does it work?”

Of course, any economist—especially any market economist or professor of “business management”—must yield to the pragmatic principle. What’s scary, and what Wendell Berry has been right about all along, is that the rhetoric of most economists trades not on the pragmatic, but the “inevitable.” They speak with a sort of confidence about how the world works (which, in their mind, boils down to how the market works) that makes me uneasy. Florida does it, too. But something in either his tone or his message made him seem more convincing than the regular fellow. 

As for the other article, which follows on the heels of March’s biographical piece on Rowan Williams (is it just me, or has secular culture gotten really interested in the Church recently?), it looks interesting. Admittedly, I haven’t read it. (I was just going to draw attention to the Florida article, but when I went to, I noticed it.) Maybe someone else has and will comment before I do.

Happy reading.


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